About IIC 4.0

IICs is a faculty-experts-student council which takes on multiple activities to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship round the year. IIC’s objective is to prepare the students with skills like critical thinking, Design Thinking, Innovative thought process and Entrepreneurial mindset.

IIC 4.0 is an upgraded version of IIC 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0. Many features regarding monitoring & submission of reports, assessment criteria, star scheme, type of activities etc. have been added on IIC portal. IIC 3.0 is more comprehensive and will be able to establish a strong ecosystem of innovation, IPR and entrepreneurship in HEIs.


  • Semester Based Approach for Preparing and Advising Annual Calendar Plan for IICs.
  • Learning Modules for the Activities scheduled as part of IIC Annual Calendar.
  • Self Driven and MIC Driven Activities and Differential weightage/ scoring  system for each type of activity category.
  • Report submission and evaluation by MIC on Quarterly Basis.
  • Introduction of New Scoring  Mechanism  for Rating & Quarterly Rating System.

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